Sunday, August 22, 2010

How I'll work

Take a look at the following stuff. Just leave a comment if it's something that you want so everyone can see and then e-mail me at I'll keep a running list. Everything must go!


52. Duck painting with real duck feathers by Vera
51. These actually hung in our house our entire lives - early paintings by Vera- frames are in good shape but mattes need to be replaced


50. 3 purple iris pictures by Vera
49. large white area rug with green border - you can see it in the upper left corner of the picture below

48. tall chair - Vera may keep one of these chairs to do her make-up.

47. tall chair - Vera may keep

46. dresser that matches bed


45. night stand that goes with the bed - Vera may keep this
44. king sized bed with linens (more than one set of linens)

43. magazine rack

42. orange fish

41. brass deer on mirrored stand


40. dried arrangement to hang- Vera said she raised all of the dried material in this arrangement...
39. wooden shelf with orange knicknacks

38. elephant

38. gold-toned small area rug

37. duck small area rug

36. leaf black toned - small area rug


35. Fruit print
34. peaches not painted by Vera - nicely framed

33. 3 fruit plates

32. Scallopped shelf with orange knicknacks

31. Very nice framed print - worth about $200


30. small bookstand

29. Duck picture not painted by Vera

28. butcher block table

27. Inside water statue

26. iron plant stand


25. Lobster print and crab
24. China cabinet

23. duck painting not painted by Vera

22. Two orange paintings by Vera

21. Duck painting by Vera - last picture she painted


20. duck painting by Vera
19. Japanese print

18. pelican and fish print framed by same as below - worth about $100

17. fish and crab framed print that is signed and numbered - nicely matted with orange - looked it up and can be purchased for about $125

16. orange wooden armless woman statue


15. large orange lamp
14. ballerina statue

13. Brookgreen gardens picture with moss

12. Ceramic white watering can

11. Two Fall pictures painted by Vera with brown wooden birds.


10. Tall wall sconse that attaches to the wall
9. Round wall sconce that attaches to the wall.

8. This is a beautiful tapestry wall hanging. It's large.

7. This is quite a nice painting painted on a piece of wood. Vera did not do it. The flower arrangement was bought to go with the picture.

6. Vera may need to keep this for her TV to begin with but she would eventually like to get a smaller version. If you would like to have it when she's through with it, tag it now.


5. Vera might decide to keep this is she has room to use it as a night stand but if she doesn't use it, she will let someone have it.

4. Arrangement with dried flowers.3. side table that holds books

2. This is a lamp that holds music CDs

1. Vera is going to keep one of these. One has a pull down desk in the middle with three drawers below and the one below it has doors that open in the bottom.